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2008-10-22 01:17:30 by jaybomonkey

Here is a picture of my shitty flash lol!

its my first so shut up unless u have something good to say.

And i dont care about hater comments cuz again...i had only 1.5 weeks to make it so yea.

Oh and BTW lets see all of you haters make something any better than this....oh wait you cant, cuz u have no experience. And any hate comments ill delete anyway so why waste your time right?



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2008-10-22 01:19:07

To be fair its a lot better than a lot of shity flashes iv seen

jaybomonkey responds:

thanks, and i know it sucks you dont have to humour me haha


2008-10-22 02:01:34

I have such a good sence of it its hard not to

jaybomonkey responds:

lol what?


2008-10-22 02:11:24

I have a good sence of humor and its hard not to humor people


2008-10-22 03:46:15

i havent tried flash so i wouldnt doubt that youre better than me at it, i have
however made a few AMVs (anime music videos) but those took me a few
weeks to make, and im not saying at the same time; i think the second one took
me about 4 days; both are for naruto; i plan to make at least one more for the
series then i wanna work on some bleach vids since i have all these random
ideas in my head; but i want a better video editor because windows movie maker
sucks big floppy donkey dick lol

jaybomonkey responds:

yea, windows movie maker does suck haha.

if i had a few weeks im i totally would have done much better but i did the vopices on the day it was due, and i only had a week and a half and i had no experience with flash whatsoever. But im glad im not getting so many haters yet.