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Great news.

2009-10-19 18:18:47 by jaybomonkey

Yay today I turned 17, and I know what you're thinking:

"Why the FUCK should I care?"

Well You cared enough to go to my page,so you have to deal with my shit.


2009-01-15 17:39:02 by jaybomonkey

ha i guess i can draw at least on flash, considering i drew myself and it looks pretty much like me =P

too bad purposley doing all the shitty stuff made me better...and now i cant do anything cuz im done that class...



2009-01-06 19:04:10 by jaybomonkey

another new flash. check it out if you like dumb shit.


2008-10-28 22:21:16 by jaybomonkey

i accidentally clicked new post and i dont know how to get out of it so here is a useless post!

and dont say "i dont care" cuz you went to my have to see my crap. so shut up cuz i dont care about your opinion.


2008-10-22 01:17:30 by jaybomonkey

Here is a picture of my shitty flash lol!

its my first so shut up unless u have something good to say.

And i dont care about hater comments cuz again...i had only 1.5 weeks to make it so yea.

Oh and BTW lets see all of you haters make something any better than this....oh wait you cant, cuz u have no experience. And any hate comments ill delete anyway so why waste your time right?


I'm making a flash

2008-05-13 10:07:41 by jaybomonkey
Updated school but if its good i guess ill put it on here... i dont really care if its that bad seeing how most of the shit on her is terribly animated and terribly voiced. it will be random soo yeaaaaa.